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Hydroxylated Acrylic Resins - SYNTHOPOL: SYNTHALAT A 077


Polyisocyanate-curing acrylic resin.



hydroxyl value
(in-house method AV-F-H003)
80-100 80-100
hydroxyl content
(relative to nvc)
ca. 2.6% ca. 2.6%
flow time in sec.
A (50% in Shellsol A)
(in-house method AV-F-V003)
50-60 ---
viscosity in mPas
(as supplied)
(in-house method AV-F-V005)
---- 1300-2300
Gardner colour value
A (50% in Shellsol A)
B (as supplied)
(in-house method AV-F-F007)
< 2


< 2

non-volatile content
(as supplied)
(in-house method AV-F-F003)
60 +/- 1% 60 +/- 1%
flash point in °C
(as supplied)
(in-house method AV-F-F006)
ca. 40 ca. 24
density in g/ml
(as supplied)
(in-house method AV-F-D001)
0.983 1.01
Technical Data

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